Ambrosia Farms

...a history of sustainable land, seeds, animals, arts, food, and culture.

About Us

Nina and Gene,  farming 25 years naturally on 115 acres in New York State.  Planting heirloom seeds from inception in an effort to preserve diversity and ecosystems on the farm.  Besides growing fruits and veggies, Nina has a small herd of dairy goats.  Nina is dedicated to animal rescue - primarily hound dogs and wild horses.  Gene is a premium hay producer and custom woodworker.   Our horse and goat facilities built by Gene as functional as they are durable.

Commercial Kitchen

We are currently building our commercial kitchen to produce wholesome wood fired pizza, pesto, and veggie side dishes.  Our ingredients are 100% farm grown by us and small artisans.  Our prices are comparable to supermarket prices available for purchase direct from the farm -  come visit us -  Bon app├ętit!

Custom & Wholesale

We grow everything heirloom - from tomatoes to  winter squashes - all natural and sustainable.  Call or email to discuss your specialty produce - we are open to growing specific for you.  Our Harvest may vary based on growing conditions - so there are no guarantees  - we do have a track record of working  hard to succeed!

Local Farmer, Artisans, and Bakers

Over the years we've built relationships with other artisans and farmers in the area - these resources include honey, maple syrup, oils, condiments, milk, yogurt, creams, cheeses, butter, eggs, baked goods, animals, shitake mushrooms, Amish goods, and many other products in the Tri State area.  We are a strong proponent of purchasing from small farmers and producers - in many cases we have visited these producers first hand.  We would be happy to share this research with you!  We believe a strong community is built on sharing goods and services.

Petting Zoo and Animal Care

We provide cozy homes for our animals - striving for longevity - and access to open space.  Our animals and farming interconnect in many ways including soil fertility, weed and wildlife balance.  They include horses, pony, goats, hound dogs, barn cats, chickens and ducks.  We welcome your visit by appointment to pet these animals, pony rides for children, walk the paths, upick veggies, and volunteer your time for our diverse field and animal work opportunities.  A fee and signed waiver of liability is required for your participation.